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Teachers, supporters of the forest education concept, parents, and foremost, children were the inspiration for creating an innovative institution, in which not only the core curriculum is realized, but first of all, the needs of individual children are met. Modern, container pavilions, which form the base of the “Puszczyk” Forest School, are the result of the support received from the “Change the world Budimex 50 years” social programme.

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Spending a few hours outside daily is a recipe for better resistance, physical and mental health. Contact with nature helps to unload stress and make children more sensitive. Our pupils play and learn outside, they are creative and curious about the world. We also observe with pleasure how they manage stress or conflicts in a group and to be able to spread your wings to the full.



Leśna Szkoła Puszczyk (Puszczyk Forest School)

is a private primary school.


We work from 8.00 to 16.30. 

In Puszczyk we fulfill the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education, following the Standards of Good Education. 


Children are provided with speech therapy diagnosis, mentor care and they have access to modern technology and educational aids. Educational classes take place in the nearby Antoniuk forest and modern terrain workshops. First of all, the forest school involves a lot of spontaneous movement and free play, a place for fullfilment of passions and space for creativity.



Fundacja trzy czte ry! field base 

Leśna Szkoła Puszczyk (Puszczyk Forest School)



Access to the school is from Zawady districts through Lodowa street to the city border, next take the first gravel road on the right. See Białystok



In Puszczyk, we don’t use single-use items, we rather use solutions that are eco friendly and can be used multiple times. Regarding food, we take care that it should be packed in multiple-use containers, utensils, water in water bottles. We want to take care of our environment and make as little waste as possible. 


We eat meals cooked from  local, seasonal products; vegetables grown in an eco farm. It is tasty, colourful and healthy. 

Delicious meals, ready made, which children eat quickly with taste are delivered to Puszczyk by way of catering. 


The Lokalna Bistro restaurant is responsible for providing the meals on time.


Tuition fees: PLN 1250

Tuition fee is a regular monthly payment.

Dinner:  PLN 17 daily - absences should be reported by 8:30 a.m.


There is a one-time registration fee required at the signing of the contract: PLN 2000


Account number:

Leśna Szkoła Puszczyk

22 1050 1953 1000 0090 3172 0700

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